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Hey so IF we have a MUTUAL follow goin on, feel free to ask for my 

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you know, anything you want

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sketchin’ the bae ‘cause he’s really naice :D

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Yeah…I do have hope, don’t I?" He eyes the teenager who made his way to the window with a soft look look his face.

"Ah, it’s fine. You don’t have to apologize for this conversation we were having." Izaya faces down once again, he never really wanted to talk to the people that hated him, he’s too afraid. "No…I didn’t. I don’t want to talk to my family…Or the people outside that hate me.”

Kaworu gently shuts his eyes, still smiling.  After Izaya finishes, he lets a few silent moments pass before situating himself in front of the male, kneeling down and placing a finger underneath his chin to raise his head.  He offers a reassuring nod.

"Nothing will ever change if you don’t talk to them."  He breathes out.  "If you believe people hate you for what you’ve done, then it’s time to prove to them you can be renewed.  The first step is expressing how you feel, just like you are with me right now."

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Something you would change about yourself?


"Uh, not havin’ this strength.  That’d be good."  

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@deliciousblondinpink said:[Tsugarrrru kaiiiikyou] :w That’s what this says, he’s singing the cover song xD

{ OMfg thanks so much !! 

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(* ̄0 ̄)θ~♪
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